Curing is one of the world’s oldest team sports dating back to the 1500's first played on frozen ponds in Scotland. Today, we curl in Georgia’s only purpose-built curling facility, but we strive to maintain curling traditions by fostering teamwork, having fun, and tailoring your event to meet your objectives.



Curling is easily learned by people of all ages and athletic abilities. It is a fantastic teambuilding activity since most participants will be learning together on the same level. We start with a short safety lesson and then break into small instructional groups. After a 45 minute workshop covering “throwing” stones, “sweeping” stones, scoring, and strategy, your group will be ready to compete in a game. Teams consist of four players, where all players are involved in every shot. Curling requires effective communication, teamwork, problem solving, planning and execution, and real-time decision making. Games typically last about 1 hour and 45 minutes, so your group will be on the ice for about 2.5 hours total, including instruction and game play. Ideally, groups are 12 to 24 people. Since there are typically four players per team, group sizes in multiples of eight are optimal. However, we can make modifications to best accommodate your group.



We suply all of the necessary curling equipment. The ambient temperature in the rink is about 40°F, so dress in layers and loose fitting clothes, and wear flat, rubber-soled shoes or sneakers. We also recommend you bring winter accessories such as a gloves and a hat. If in doubt, bring an extra layer as we have storage areas for your belongings.



Availability during weekdays from 9am-5pm

$75 per person, with an 8 person minimum ($600)

Please contact us at with any questions and to check availability.



We do not provide food; however, there are a variety of restaurants nearby, and you are welcome to bring food and beverages in for your group.

Located Within Walking Distance:

  • Johnny's New York Style Pizza, 678-560-2228
  • Kroger, 770-971-8801
  • Moe's Southwest Grill, 678-560-4666
  • Ted's Montana Grill, 770-578-8337
  • Tijuana Joe's Cantina, 770-321-1233

Located Across the Street:

  • Chin Chin Chinese, 678-560-5550
  • Dunkin' Donuts, 770-971-1710
  • Sam's BBQ-1 East, 770-977-3005
  • Waffle House, 770-973-3426
  • Zaxby's, 678-560-8100

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